For us this dream of owning and renting out a camper van came about after a lifelong love of all things VW

After taking Kev’s T5 out, which was a work van really with a make shift bed, but it was our little getaway, for which we would drive to the Dunwich coast, park up near the beach and heathlands, sit and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine, and Arthur our Lurcher taking in all the sights and smells, then later we’d lay in bed, with the barn doors open and gaze up at the stars, it made us feel alive!

We wanted other people to enjoy this freedom of travel, to be able to stop when and where you like, without itineraries or limitations.

Whether it’s a sandy cove, rugged landscape or your accommodation for visiting friends or family, a camper van gives you the freedom to take to the open road.

We then went on a mission to find the perfect van to start our project, we bought a silver  T6 Highline, got some cool graphics added, sent her off for a refit, colour coded with Kev’s favourite colour Aqua, and incorporated Karen’s love for the carry on films, and boom!…

Carry on Dubbing was born!

We hope you enjoy using the Campervan as much as we do, go have an adventure!

Karen and Kev x


We are located in a village 13 miles from Sudbury, Suffolk.